豪华滑雪公司Club Med在其2018年的雪假日报告中揭示了中国和亚太地区11个市场的5500名冬季运动爱好者的习惯和影响。



东亚和南亚及太平洋地区Club Med首席执行官Xavier Desaulles表示:“这项研究能够及时洞察当今享受雪假的亚太地区消费者的心态。市场正在迅速发展,与亚洲不断增长的富裕程度一致,只有在平昌和北京的背靠背冬季奥运会才能推动市场的兴趣。







Luxury ski firm Club Med has revealed the habits and influences of 5,500 winter sports lovers, across 11 markets in the China and APAC regions, in its 2018 Snow Holiday Report.

Among the findings in the report, compiled and put together by independent pollsters Insightzclub, were that 200 million people from Asia Pacific have taken a snow holiday in the last three years. Japan and South Korea destinations top the region for snow holidays, while Switzerland (iconic home of the sport) stood came in as the third best destination.

“The market is evolving rapidly in line with Asia’s growing affluence”

Xavier Desaulles, CEO of Club Med, East and South Asia & Pacific said: “This research is a timely insight into the mind of today’s Asia Pacific consumers who enjoy a snow holiday. The market is evolving rapidly in line with Asia’s growing affluence and interest can only grow fuelled by back-to- back Winter Olympics in PyeongChang and Beijing.

“new mountain resorts regionally and globally”

“This survey is an essential new tool that will allow us to inform and service our clients and regional partners as we understand how their habits and needs are developing and as we open new mountain resorts regionally and globally,” he added.

The snow holiday market has seen rapid growth in Asia Pacific in the last three years with an estimated universe of 238 million travellers including 138 million alone in the last 12 months. The numbers correlate with the region’s growing affluence and desire to explore the world in a more experiential and different way whether with family or friends.

Not surprisingly, China is the largest market of snow enthusiasts followed by India and Japan. However, markets with little or no snow such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia are showing strong growth albeit from a smaller base as they seek more experience-based holidays and fresh, clean air.